Upon entering Halo 5 I am greeted with a nice big error stating “There was an unexpected issue with the Halo servers”. Just -Yoinking!- great. I was able to go into matchmaking once only to find that it boots you back to the main menu & upon reseting my xbox several times I am still stuck at this -Yoinking!- error. Thanks 343 thanks alot

Yep Im having the same problem with different error messages: server issues, time expired, network problems…this is annoying even the hard reset seems not to work

I too have had this issue. I get out in a lobby with 7 other players but that is as far as I get before getting kicked out.

I have a red caution sign on the playlist itself and won’t let me start it up

I find a game and then when it says loading slayer is says “there was an unexpected issue with the halo servers” and i cant get into any games

Getting a Server error, can’t play this… very disappointing will try tomorrow.

Same issue here

Same here

Server side issue. Basic explanation? The Halo 5 beta servers are crap. For me, the game has random fits of “unexpected errors” and generally makes finding a game very frustrating. That’s why this is, thankfully, only a beta. I hope they fix this because I really like the game.

We should take into consideration that this the first day of the beta and the servers are probably getting flooded. It is frustrating, but hopefully that is the main reason why its having so much trouble and will be resolved soon.

Same here. Thanks a lot 343.

I don’t even get past the start screen. First it tells me that I need Xbox Live Gold (Which I have) and then it says there is a server error and to try again later. I’ve re-installed it, hard re-start, nothing is working.