Server disconnections, booted from games Randomly.

343 This is an on going problem that I have seen other people quote many times for example getting booted from games with no error messages. I am constantly booted from my games be it forge, custom games, matchmaking or warzone. Also most of the time I try to join a game or play with a friend half way through the loading screen I am booted back to the main menu with either messages saying there are halo 5 server issues or I have somehow left the fire team and a lot of the time I actually join those games, get booted to the main menu but I am sometimes still in that same fire team. This happens every time I am on halo 5, I have tried re-installing my game but these problems are always occurring so I can’t play matchmaking, play with my friends on custom games or forge and I can’t even forge on my own because I keep getting kicked from my own games, This seems like a massive complaint but it is a very tedious problem and I can’t even play halo 5 all together these problems just occur every time and I don’t know why, it never used to happen when the game was first released.

I’m having the same problem and i know many others are too. 343 needs to acknowledge this soon, because as of right now Halo 5 is unplayable for me

Has anybody have an issue with the your ranking I went from bronze 4 down to 3 when i got disconnected now again went down to bronze 2 when I got disconnected. Why is this happening ?? Also lost points req’s packs.

Yeah same

Yeah, it’s gotten to the point where most, if not all of my time on halo is spent in the bleeding’ lobby doing nothing and another problem that has recently started to occur is when I press the guid button and try to snap anything It makes me leave my fire team then I can’t connect to anybody, it’s very annoying and I can barely play the game I spent money on and was said to have fixed the problems from mcc. This all better stop soon because I am eager to play the game.

Same problem daily it’s so annoying 343 can never get it right no other game on Xbox or ps4 has this problem so frustrating and makes us all angry. Disconnects server issues party issues you name it. Why don’t you just copy the EA server setup and add another server or 2 in Aus

I’m over it man these guys can never get it right

Great way to spend our holidays writing messages to 343 over there inability to fix -Yoink-