Server Connection Issues

I’m having difficulties getting into matching multiplayer. I select either arena or warzone and it attempts to connect to a lobby and then after a short time It comes up with connection lost and that I’ve been disconnected from the local network, despite still being connected to xbox live. It also won’t even come with my previously earned ranks or allow me to view service record.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected both my internet and xbox multiple times but there has been no luck in resolving it, it was working fine just last time. Just wondering if theres a solution or anyone else is encountering similar issues.


I’m having similar issues.
First issue is multiplayer game not loading (Unable to join - request has timed out). It goes to step 4 of matchmaking and the above error pops up even though I’m connected to internet.
So I hard reset and try to log into halo again. Then there is a sync error.
I hard reset again and try to play multiplayer, get an error saying I cannot connect to lobby.
I hard reset again then multi player game works. Very next game the process repeats itself.

Somebody please explain why the servers are inoperable! I’m sick of having to hard reset 5 times to play 1 matchmade game then redo. I am now concerned coz I bought xlive gold for halo and time is ticking away on it. They obviously won’t refund so a quick fix is requested ASAP!