Seriously, why does everything in this game feel underpowered?

My statement was a general point of view and reply to the thread topic. It’s beyond understanding to me that someone thinks guns are underpowered in Infinite.

Ravager sucks in comparison to the other weapons on the sandbox. Or is it that all the other weapons are too powerful? It’s a perspective. That’s why he proved my point pointing out the Ravager. There SHOULD be guns that are weaker in comparison in the sandbox.
Everything being able to kill everything is not the solution. There should be a level of weapon scaling in damage to motivate players to go for other weapons. That’s why there’s an entire thread on AR being OP, hammer having a OP splash, Cindershot concussion, etc.
But every gun, minus the ravager, in this halo is able to rival each other as if perfect balancing is what makes halo great.
Buffing the Ravager isn’t the solution to the weapon balance. It just adds to the current formula which is a general overpowered nature of every weapon in Halo Infinite.

I felt this way starting back in Halo 4 and with every 343 Halo for the most part. I 100% agree with everything you said there except, to me, its that many weapons feel OP to cater to noobs. But I guess it’s technically the same thing cuz like I said in previous post, it’s the perspective of how you look at it. (Glass half full/glass half empty kinda thing) Either the power weapons are nerfed compared to regular weapons or the regular weapons are buffed making power weapons feel underpowered.
Personally, I think the majority of weapons have been buffed in relation to classic halos, reducing TTK, but more so for regular weapons than the power weapons.