Seriously, why does everything in this game feel underpowered?

Splash damage refers to when damage radiates out from the center and then almost immediately dissipates.

The Ravager leaves a burning pool of goo on the ground. THAT IS AREA DENIAL.

Nah, it’s lingering Area of Effect splash damage. Ravager is a Plasma Pistol that makes a puddle. It’s an ENERGY WEAPON.

ENERGY WEAPONS for shields
KINETIC WEAPONS for kills and vehicles

Halo 101

Don’t get me wrong, the Ravager will f you up if you let it, but that’s the problem: people don’t let it. I want more guns that are confident on there own and aren’t just table-setters for the BR headshot or a glorified Plasma Pistol.

Also didn’t fire in H3 spread to different things?

^ I left a comment on a post by @M1STA_WU1FY which sums up my thoughts on the ravager as a whole, if you wanna just read that.

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A puddle… which is supposed to deny an area from the enemy. And then of course it is ignored because it does the worst damage output of any area-denial tool.


But let me ask you this.

If the Plasma Pistol already does a great job at melting shields… why waste the resources developing a weapon that does the exact same thing but WORSE???

Not to my knowledge no. The Firebomb Grenade and Flame Thrower had fire stick statically to objects and not spread across things like wood or oil-spills that can be seen in more industrial type maps.

User issue. You can’t splash someone behind cover, cover a room, or multi pop a team at an objective with a Plasma Pistol. You can with Ravager. It’s not worse, it’s alternative.

Just found this video showing how useful it is

Like I said, it’s literally just a Plasma Pistol.
Splash, swap, headshot. Aiming barely required.
I got pretty decent with it getting stuck with it in Fiesta
Once you know how to use it, it’s pretty okay

I still find it never being picked up in matches that include it. The Commando and Pulse Rifle see more action than that thing.

Probably because people think it’s a power weapon or don’t know it’s a splash plasma pistol. Honestly it’s 100% 343’s fault for not adding weapon descriptions and examples to the weapon training grounds. I use Bulldog and Commando a fair amount too. I just don’t like Stalker Rifle or Shock Rifle since headshots are rough with them. Commando is best when scoped in with burst fire. Don’t hold fire.

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But it is also 343’s fault on making a weapon be so misleading in how its mechanics work. So when someone picks it up and fires a few shots and sees what it can do, they ASSUME that the gun is supposed to be used to deny an area with the literal goo that covers a wide range… and then finds that unlike all area denial tools in every other videogame ever; this is weaksauce and they just go “great… a dump weapon in the sandbox.”

That’s really the main issue. People assume, because 343 doesn’t tell them. It took me a lot of playing around with weapons in training to figure out what they’re good for. It’s insane how far away an enemy can still get killed by the Bulldog. I think the only weapon I don’t like is the Pulse Carbine. It’s just a floaty BR. I hate it. It seems okay with controller aim assist, but mouse users find it worthless

The Bulldog is so effective at range compared to the classic Halo shotguns because unlike the M90 Pumpy, the Bulldog is a projectile-based weapon. Meanwhile the other UNSC shotguns were all tight-range hit-scan and would be useless beyond 10 meters.

The BD is a great mid-tier shotgun, but we desperately need the classic M90 Pumpy to rejoin the power-weapons raffle.

The Original Classic shotgun will probably return when we get Infection. If not, people will riot, and then we will eventually get it, probably imported from Halo 5

It better.
I have people arguing that the Bulldog would be great in infection, but since Zombies don’t have shields and the Bulldog has range; the Zombies will be hardly able to get close enough with their swords to kill a Spartan.

Though we better get the Halo Reach model of shotgun and not the Halo 4/5Gorbians 3D model.
Or the Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer model of pump-shotgun.
Those were well designed models.

Though of course, 6 shells in the boomstick and not 12.

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Halo Reach weapons in general need to return. Get rid of this awful sword and hammer

Sword is actually nice in Halo Infinite.
The Hammer sucks due to the desync causing splash-damage weapons like explosives to have inconsistent damage ranges and damage-output.

At least we cannot “Zoom” the Sword and Hammer like we could in Halo 5 Gorbians, which nearly doubled the lunge range.

The main issue I have with the sword in Infinite is that the M90 Pumpy Shotgun isn’t in the sandbox yet, so it has no equal-counter weapon yet.

Sword is NOT nice. It has no alternate melee, you can’t block another sword lunge, you both can die after only like 3 clashes, and it’s hypermagnetized with the lunge, so you can’t even jump or thrust dodge it in Infinite. Swordplay is complete trash. Sword tournaments are now ruined in Infinite. Lowest ping gets the kill. Sword has highest priority. Sometimes I swear it has invincibility frames, because lunge just shrugs off a rocket or a hammer, but that could just be desync.

100% the fault of half the issues you mentioned.

Though yeah it has been annoying that clashes are now only three.

The problem imo is that the weapons are “balanced” around having a certain function without actually being more powerful than the base weapons like the AR.
In theory nearly every weapon is viable at a certain given moment.
In practice none of the weapons are an actual “upgrade” and you can perfectly get by just using the Assault Rifle if you move around and make fights not be super close range vs shotguns or long range vs precision.

Only the actual Powerweapons tend to be proper upgrades because they’re capable of pretty much instakilling people when there’s no desync.

  • Needler is really good at killing people, if the tracking doesn’t fail.
  • The Hydra is very strong, if you don’t miss your shots in direct fire mode. The Pulse Carbine is really good, if the enemy isn’t too close which makes every shot miss.
  • The Disruptor is an ok full auto ranged weapon if the enemy is outside of AR range and is next to another enemy which causes it to arc and effectively deal more damage.
  • The Commando is a strong weapon but because of bloom+recoil it’s way harder to use than a BR which is pretty much guaranteed to be usable.
  • The sentinel beam is a stronger weapon than the AR but its harder to use because of its recoil.
  • The Ravager is bad, just use a dynamo grenade instead because it actually does damage.

These are my opinions mostly, but that’s how I feel about Infinite’s weapon sandbox, most of the weapons always have this “Trade-off” that makes it more situational rather than just a straight up stronger weapon. Even a powerweapon like the Skewer because of its drop-off over range and travel time makes me not even grab if I’m just guaranteed to kill people with my AR instead, unless there’s a vehicle or something.

It’s not a gun problem. The problem is that the shots are not registered. I have played games in which with only 3 body shots from the carbine I have killed the other player. However, in other games (or even at times in that same game) I haven’t been able to kill the opponent with 3 grav hammer hits. Or the plasma - melee combo. Games where it always works and games where it never works. etc, etc… It’s all a mess of desync and missed shots.

When you state everything is over powered, then others point out even one single weapon, LITERALLY makes your statement less true.

Back to why things feel off, Desync is the root of most of the issues in this game that it can seem unplayable at times.

Nothing you posted is even remotely true. Infinite is the most “un-casual” Halo in the series.

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