Seriously, why does everything in this game feel underpowered?

Plasma pistol, sidekick, commando, ravanger, frag grenades, even rockets are weak, overshield, etc; power weapons don’t feel like power weapons. It seems the only reliable weapons are BR and assault rifle.


everything in this halo is overpowered


Even the Plasma Pistol?

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Its a mix of desync, physics not being good, explosions not consistent, and yes, underpowered weapons.
Its a mix of so many different factors that come together into a messed up sandbox. Bot for weapons and vehicles.


Because they Nerfed everything to make it more “Noob” friendly, hence the “hALo iS fOR eVrYonE” comment from 343i.

When you make a game that caters to EVERYONE, you end up with a game that is mediocre for EVERYONE, because in order to make everyone “happy” ( which isn’t possible ), you end up with a game that becomes Average because you are averaging what it should be to cater to both “noobs”, “regulars” and “pros” alike and NOBODY ends up happy.

This is why Elden Rings is so good. They don’t cater to “New” gamers. They know who their audience is. You can either play it or you can’t. I happen to be one of the people that SUCKS at Dark Souls-like games, but regardless I know that they are still awesome.

Halo wanted to appeal to “new” gamers coming from Casual games that weren’t used to Halo, and so they changed many things about the game that made the multiplayer Amazing to begin with.

They thought:

“we can’t have new players getting one shotted by the OG Shotty, so we will make it a 2 or 3 shot kill weapon”.

“We can’t have players getting blasted by a Spartan Laser so let’s make it a HARPOON that mostly only works at mid range, with the shot leading making it difficult to hit a vehicle from long range ( easy for noobs to use it up close ).”

“It has to be like Reach, when all of the “new wave” of Halo players jumped on board, so no dual Wielding”.

“Let’s give everyone a fair chancee now and nerf POWER WEAPONS, but let’s also cater to people that want to fly around the map and put the grapple hook in”.

“Let’s totally make the Plasma pistol useless so it isn’t easily usable for the BR + Burst Combo”

“Let’s make it so that the Pulse Carbine can’t be used long range by skilled players, but up close it just auto locks on for people who can barely aim”

This Halo is literally built to make people who would normally not be good at Halo, be “good” and makes it so that actual skilled players from Previous games unable to use the skillsets they honed in previous Halo’s to rely upon in this game.

Not enough BR’s on the map. Floaty Warthog Physics to mess up even good drivers. Low Ammo count so players on Killing sprees can’t get Kilamanjaro. Inconsistent weapon spawns so you can’t predict where to grab a gun.

This game is literally designed for noobs. And in the end even noobs will reject it when they discover that catering to newer players and the cost of veteran players won’t work.

Now granted it has SOME improvement, like the Assault Rifle being the best it’s ever been, the Sidekick is decent and the Heatwave is fun, BUT most design decisions made DO NOT BENEFIT OG PLAYERS.

My final point: Instead of vehicle spawns being fair, they are now RANDOM so that any “Schmuck” has a chance to “get lucky” and have a vehicle dropped off to them, instead of the best players getting control in vehicles and dominating in them.

Like 70% of what made Halo, Halo has been either removed or nerfed to cater to a specific audience, and that Audience isn’t OG FANS.

This game is literally built for gamers who like Fortnite, Minecraft ( hence the Minecraft-like Hex Pillars everywhere ) and other titles that center on watered down game attributes to keep players “hooked” while also screwing over long time fans.


lol you got me there

The plasma pistol is literally just there for noob combo which almost feels like 343 trolling us

Everything feels underpowered if you’re missing your shots! /s

I think the only bad weapons are the Plasma Pistol, Ravager and Pulse Carbine.

Which, hilariously, are 3/4 the plasma weapons in this game.

Everything else shreds.

Oh right and the Commando it blows.

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Desync xD
When half your shots are disappearing into the void, it’s natural to feel weaker. But when the guns do work and Desync isn’t messing you up, these weapons are all usable to some degree.

I’ll go ahead and say Commando and Ravager needs buffs, and soon. 343 should really balance some weapons even if they aren’t gonna give us content. At least that will get players experimenting again.

Ah… I see you have yet to touch The Ravager… and the Commando Rifle

If something feels underpowered, you’re probably using it wrong.

By that, I’m not saying that every weapon is balanced perfectly.

However, I think that the Plasma Carbine is the best example of a misunderstood weapon. It has a certain sweetspot where it’s extremely effective. And limiting a weapon to such a sweetspot is actually something good, so you don’t hat that ONE go-to-weapon everyone uses for everything.

On YouTube you can find some “tutorials” for basically each weapon, where people test how to use them most effectively.

So then they should buff Ravager? Pointing out 1 or 2 weapons that aren’t op doesn’t make what I said less true. You actually kind of proved my point dude. :clown_face:
Also commando bloom may as well not exist cuz going full auto is practically the same as single firing.

The Ravager is the second worst “area denial” weapon ever seen in videogaming. The immolation goo it leaves behind barely does any damage and most players can jump and clear 90% of the goo pool, reducing its effectiveness at denying an area from enemy traffic to a minimum. The only weapon in all of gaming that I have seen do worse is the Pulse Grenade.

Secondly, when you typically have a weapon that can fully charge for a super-blast; that weapon would usually kill whatever opponent just got struck with a super blast. NOT THE RAVAGER, IT JUST BREAKS THEIR SHIELD. And even THEN they have a chance to survive because the splash of damaging goo does as much hurt as a baby whacking their plushie against your foot.

The Commando Rifle needs some adjustments here and there, but the Ravager is the worst weapon out of the entire sandbox. I would rather have the Firebomb Grenades or the Splinter Grenades make a return than have this useless weapon take up data on my Xbox Series X’s hard-drive.

I don’t even think I have seen the Ravager get a single kill in any of my matches, even in FIESTA


plasma pistol… okay yeah is trash in this game
sidekick… trash? huh? it’s a side arm, ain’t no primary, it ain’t trash
commando… okay yeah, sure
ravager… use its charged shot over the burst shot, it ain’t terrible but it also ain’t good
frags and rockets… that’s desync, trust me, those’re way too good i’d say given the blast radious… just the shotty servers are making them inconsistant
overshield… okay yeah, sucks, weak

the other power weapons? dunno what to tell ya, but to me at least, they feel really good to use. sniper, cindershot… nice and fun

ar and br… yeah, which is surprising. but a good ar is fantastic, and the br being good… actually is no surprise at all

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The splinter grenades were gnarly if not downright OP. Ppl were literally back tracking and tiptoeing around those things when they were active. That was area denial done right.

Also Firebombs were at least an insta-kill on a direct hit, so it had some options. Ravager can’t even do that.

Boy I sure hate the vehicles in Infinite, that’s for sure. I finally got in a Banshee, but a blade of grass tickled the underside and it immediately exploded. I also couldn’t kill a Spartan with the Rocket Hog if they stood there and caught the rockets with their face for me. The Scorpion feels pretty decent besides they made it impossible to drive, and you can’t sit on the sides of it anymore, so no more carrying Marines or the flag with a Scorpion in Halo. Most of the vehicles feel super underpowered and blow up or flip like they’re filled with air. It’s a shame too, because they added weak points to make it easier to destroy vehicles, but if you accidentally missed the weak point, you blow up the vehicle


The Ravager is just “Oh no, I stepped in something! My shoes are wet!”

Meanwhile the others are actual threats that make players go “Welp, we have to find another route or something, because that stuff HURTS

The Ravager is literally a burst fire Plasma Pistol with an AOE. Pop shield, swap weapon, pop headshot. It’s a support weapon, not a DPS. I learned to use it by constantly getting it in Fiesta. It’s not terrible. It’s just not something I’d ever choose, like I wouldn’t use the Plasma Pistol in Infinite either. The only advantage of using the Ravager is you can blow up grenades on the ground, or you can pop the shields of a group of people in a zone and get multikill headshots

You can use it to pop small shots, but the fact that the full-charge shot on direct impact with a weapon that hefty DOESN’T guarantee a kill is obtuse.

The Plasma Pistol is just that a PISTOL a SIDEARM.

The Ravager is a massive two-handed weapon that at burst can act as the role of a plasma pistol, but a charged shot is clearly meant for area-denial purposes as it covers a wide area with damaging goo. And for some reason the damage-per-second of the goo is a negligible level.

Nah, it’s not area denial. It’s splash damage. If you ever miss your charge shots with a Plasma Pistol, you’ll like Ravager. If you miss, you have a chance to hit with the AOE. You can hit multiple people or pop shields of campers. Then you just need the melee or headshot. In Fiesta I once caught a sword user in the splash and stopped them from reaching me