Seriously What Just Happened?!?

So I thought that the whole skill rank system worked merely on winning in losing while playing arena?? Here’s my story

I’ve been playing Swat for a few days and got ranked at Platinum 1 I was playing and was working my way up. I was have 20/5 games 18/2 just a few rounds ago actually and I worked all the way up to Platinum 6. Anyways I just finished one game where I went 6/13 which is my first negative KD game in swat and it dropped me down to Diamond 1!!! We won by the way!! I played one bad game and won and they drop me down 12 tiers!!! Someone please explain to me this madness!!!

Diamond is above platinum.

Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond -> Onyx -> Champion

diamond is the next rank, you ranked up

Lol what seriously!?!? I was putting up monster numbers in swat playing against Onyx level players and Platinum wasn’t even higher than Diamond? That just doesn’t sound right to me.


ppl usually get placed higher than their actual skill

Diamond is above platinum for sure.

12 Tiers?

Where did you think diamond should be placed? o_O below Gold?

Ranking system is based on speed of completion, not win loss ratio.