Seriously... What is up with this ranking system?

I just played a ranked game where all 4 winning players either stayed the same or lost rank, and all 4 losing players gained rank.

CSR range of the players in the game was platinum 6 to Onyx ~1600.

343 is doing something really unintuitive with this rank system. Has anyone figured this out?

Also, are there any players below Platinum? Everyone I’ve seen placed Platinum 1 or higher.

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It looks like the GEARS 5 system when it came out. “For me it was the best ranking there has ever been”

It is based on your PERSONAL-SCORE each game so win / lose does not generate as much impact if you do not perform.

Something like “Points per game”

600 bronze
1200 silver
1800 gold
2400 platinum
3000 diamond
3600 onyx

At the end of a game it depends how much is your “Score” that is your personal rank. If you made 1200 points and you won the game you will not rise in rank because you were carried. If you made 2800 points, even if you lost, you will rise in rank because you played well.

Yeah it’s clear that the system is evaluating individual performance compared to it’s predictive expectations and somehow balancing that with win vs loss, but there’s definitely more going on than that.

For example, I didn’t lose any rank a single time from my placement in Diamond 1 until I hit Onyx. I don’t really believe I managed to perform at or above the system’s prediction in every single game I played.

Honestly, it would be nice if 343 could just post more detail about it.