Seriously, the rank system is the only thing...

The rank system is a big problem, theres only two ranked playlist and we have sum other arena mathematical rank system. Why is reach trying to be like every other game out there. This system basically uses the xp system were the teacher who has been a teacher for 40 years sucks, and the teacher only teaching for 3 years is probably the best teacher in the school.

Red Dead redemption, battle field bad comapany 2, Cod games, and many other games have the reach rank system. I would think that the rank system is perfect if we earned credits just to buy things and exp were just like exp in halo 3 but not 1 every match, a couple depending on match playability. Rank is what inspired me in h3 to reach higher. Now every one that plays reach 24/7 is considered a no life. The ones that are 50 in h3 are actually good.

Admit it guys if reach worked as simply as this with a nice touch of 343 in it, it would tell u to play more, play more !!!

That and other issues, im just explaining an issue that keeps me from playing this game.

Discuss, in a nice manner :slight_smile:


You need more experience to be promoted, young padawan.

On topic:
The real issue with this ranking system in Reach is that you have no idea about the precise things you’re getting credits for, and you get a similar amount per game whether you were good or bad, won or lost.

This system works exceptionally well in BFBC2 because the points are given for real, meaningful (meaning team supportive, objective too) actions, and everything you earn is immediately displayed to avoid confusion. Doing good gives you a lot, bad, minimal. And then the higher rank gaps are huge, so high rank does usually mean high skill.
It was impossible to be a 24/7 no life, yet bad, and rank up fast.
The only mistake I think DICE made was adding the marksman headshots. That was just an encouragement to bush wookie.

> I think the ranks are just fine. People who don’t play alot shouldn’t be a higher rank just because they are “better”.

I completely disagree with this statement and so do alot of my friends actually. Several of my friends in halo 3 had a rank of less than 40, and they have said to me many times that they dont feel like they deserve the ranks that they have at the moment just because they play reach more then other people. (They are generals and above) I personally preferred halo 3 and 2’s ranking system where your rank was actually an indication of your skill level.

This statement is coming from a Halo 2 vet. I don’t see the infatuation with having a number by your name. All it does is sets things up for ego inflating and arguing.

> This statement is coming from a Halo 2 vet. I don’t see the infatuation with having a number by your name. All it does is sets things up for ego inflating and arguing.

Why do you need to feel that stating that your a halo 2 vet will make your point more important? I too am a “halo 2 vet” yet I dont feel the need to tell people to try and make my points feel more important. I prefer to make my statements speak for themselves.

Back on topic, I enjoyed having a visible rank so my friends an I could have something else to compete for. It was fun trying to get my skill level up, and now with reach I dont really see the point with the current ranking system.

if it is getting you down Jet Sof 117.

Just get back up when it knocks you down

Being a competitive player, I cannot say how much I dislike this new rating system Bungie set in place. It does not measure any kind of skill. I can’t remember the last time I had an actual challenge… it is quite sad. I heard somebody say that it just makes people egotistical? Well that’s what competition is all about. It makes it fun. To get a 45-50 in Halo 3 was difficult. You actually had to be good. Getting Onyx in Reach is a joke. The MLG Playlist is also super pathetic. I remember having a rank 4 in the Halo 3 MLG Playlist and I had trouble winning. We need the 1-50 system back… :\

I’m sure casual players will disagree… but I just want to state my view on this matter. It just seems Bungie gave in and tried to be like every other game out there. It makes me sad.

BTW, being a Halo 2 vet may not strengthen one’s opinion, but it does mean you have more knowledge and experience of the what used to be the Halo ranking system. I kind of wish I wasn’t a Halo 2 vet, because I miss it so much.

Seems to me that there are two points here…

Firstly, there is the visability of the rank that you are at any one time and secondly, the mechanics going on behind the scenes to match you with players which are of a similar skill level (which, correct me if I am wrong, doesnt actually get reflected in the rankings at the moment because they are based on credits?).

I’m not a hugely competitive player and play more for fun because I just dont have as much time as I would like to get really truly awesome at the game, but I can see why people would want to be able to show off their skill-related rating even though its not important to me. That could be something that is worth investigating - how do you think it would be best present the true-skill level you have achieved at any one time?

For the ability to play against similarly skilled players, surely that is about the way that the skill is calculated by the Reach engine.

Does anyone know what the key differences between the Halo 2 / Halo 3 / Reach skill mechanics are? Are there significant differences in the equations and functions used?

Also, anyone know/ remember how long it took to be getting reliably matched games through the Halo 2 / Halo 3 online servers after release?

I ask these questions not to be obtuse, but to see what you guys think :slight_smile:

> > I think the ranks are just fine. People who don’t play alot shouldn’t be a higher rank just because they are “better”.
> people like you make me want to vomit into a blender and feed it up your a**hole. people who are better deserve a higher rank. My personal favorite was the H2 ranking system, here I feel that my brigadier status is just a joke. I also dislike how my arena rank is hidden deep in the files. Bungie has catered to kids like you ikleboy and it is just disgusting. 343, I hope that you know who your true fans are

Skill doesn’t decide who “true fans” are. I’m personally fine with the rankling system just because I don’t care about rank. I play arena because I’m curious where I place, but i don’t care if other people see it.

“The cake is a lie” Guys, once you realize this, you’ll know that problem wasn’t ever with Reach’s rank system.

The problem is with you.

You know Im getting tired of the argument about rank.
And Im also getting tired of trying to play a regular casual game and having two Reclamiers on the other team while I have a bunch of captains, and calling it a fair match.

Im sorry but Reach needs a new ranking system for the casuals and the competitive,

For me Im in the middle Ill play casual but I’ve played all the Halo games so I play competitive also and I liked the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the two crossing each other, but in Reach all the ridicuos skilled players are in the normal casual playlist. It just gets frustrating at times.

So from the bottom of my heart please find a way to create a system to allow the competitives there own playlist!

What you must understand is that being a Reclaimer doesn’t mean that you’re good at the game. Now, I do agree that there is more than likely a gap between the skill levels of someone who knows where are the weapons are, and someone who’s just seeing new maps for the first time. But the titles are simply placeholders. I’ve got people on my friends list that are good at Halo, but not really high in “rank” because they don’t play that often.

yeah but we still got beat… well that would be an understatement

but yeah I get your point

but also what I think is neccesary is to keep the casual expirence casual with out call outs and all that crazy stuff and Competitive like that and Reach is lacking a strong competitive home.

I mean there is Arena, but for some reason people find it to be a joke IDK.

Reach uses Trueskill just like Halo 3, but it’s not shown. It’s creating your games based on Trueskill, so actual rank does not matter for teams.