Seriously People. Who's in Denial?

Guys I don’t get it. I keep hearing things like:

“Fortunately the people complaining here on the forums are in the vast minority. Most of the Halo community actually LOVES Halo 4.”

SO THEN… I ask for some numbers from this board, about how many copies you know of sold, and how they are recieved past the point of intitial purpose. Why?? Because in my experience 6 people who bought it HATE it and 2 were only able to mumble, “It’s ok I guess.” I know of at least 2 more copies that weren’t sold due to the backlash/extremely poor reception.

I’ve asked and got only opinions like, “I like the game!” “I think 343 did a great job! Is it perfect? No but…(etc)”


So I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to my intial post being too long and confusing (even though I clarified the point of my thread TWICE). So I made another thread clearly asking for numbers only. Guess what?

Nobody answered.

Is there a reason? Do you not want to acknowledge something? Or maybe I just wasn’t dramatic enough with the headline. That’s why I am editting this second thread of mine, sensationalizing the Subject so that perhaps people will hopefully pay attention and provide numbers. If that’s the case: fine. I just want to know what your experience has been and if it has been anything like mine. By all means, if you like the game count yourself among the stats! I am just trying to reconcile statements such as the ones I am hearing on this forum with the extreme fallout I am seeing on the outside and get a clearer picture of the situation. Halo 4 sold like wildfire. Great, but what about customer satisfaction and retention?

Please NO opinions/defending 343. I am not asking you to defend your precious. Or at least, if you do, please provide your honest stats so this wasn’t all for naught.

Thank you.

Bumping my edited thread so that it might get some replies. Will let it die after this if no one bites. :slight_smile: