Seriously, is it really necessary to have global statistics in social games?

Now seriously, why does it bother you so much that I want 343 to improve and focus the global social game statistics correctly? It is something that I am requesting for the good of all, to have a better service that adapts to the multiplayer of Infinite.


Please, this is necessary, remember that Halo 5 has a lot information about your matches and K/D/A.

In fact, precisely one bad thing that I see for social games, is that there are as many statistics as there were in Halo 5, I notice an oversaturation of information that I consider unnecessary for the field of what it means to be social games.

With the return of the party mode I recover my reasons for which I consider that having global statistics with a competitive approach in social games does not make any sense. It is a game mode where you can perfectly have a 7 loss streak, and still have a high k / d, or have a win streak and a -2 in your k / d. There is no sense in having compiled information that has no value.

That is why I insist so much that the global statistics of social games should be rethought.


Looks like you’ve been busy haha, revisiting this thread is a nightmare it doesn’t even seem like people actually understand the first post to understand and process a response.

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After these two weeks I have reaffirmed my opinion that the social games as a whole need an urgent rethinking.

It is no longer just about the global statistics system having an unnecessary competitive focus in the field of social games. We also have to add the existing SBMM system in social games along with the FOMO syndrome caused by weekly events and challenges.

Social games have become just as stressful a training ground as ranked games, as well as a part-time job.

Honestly I wish their were more viewable statistics.

Something which seems like a way bigger problem to me than showing statistics here is the incentive the game gives to play for obscure challenges, rather than incentivizing players to play to win and work with their team. Teamwork makes this game fun but when folks are running around trying to achieve their individual challenges, it stops being about the literal objective in each game. This is especially frustrating since team based modes are the only ones available in matchmaking currently.