Seriously 343?

How you can break such a perfect game? I get matched up 1v5 in CTF and get reamed by the enemy(obviously that will happen to someone playing by themselves against 5 people in an objective game type) and your broken game decides to take my rank all the way down to 3??? How do you expect to continue existing as a company…

And this was post update by the way… great job with that

Exact same thing happened to me yesterday.
Got matched 2v5 in CTF.
The enemy capped 2 flags and then decided to spawn kill us for their own enjoyment so I quit out.

Skill Rank went from 9 to 3.

Not to mention I can’t even download the update today… Wishing I got a PS4…

I always thought it was kind of ironic how microsoft games worked the worst and were the most buggy on a microsoft game console. this is a prime example of bad design to top it off. i got 27 kills in a slayer H2A game and i want from rank 5 to 2 and we lost by a kill!