Seriously 343- Where's FUD for the UK?

There’s literally been no indication of Forward Unto Dawn’s Blu-ray/DVD release over here in the UK, and I’m guessing anywhere in Europe as well.

What’s the deal? With 3 days (It’s Dec 1st right now) to go for the release date and it hasn’t even shown up for preorder over here, when it’s been the case for months over in good ol’ America!

I don’t understand why 343 is limiting it’s audience (Or rather, profits) by not allowing FUD to be released over-seas

I would love to hear clarification from a member of 343i, but I highly doubt it.

Please discuss your disappointment over this matter, and hopefully we can get a solid answer out of 343. Maybe even a release of FUD for the PAL region!

Can’t believe I’m bumping this so soon -.-

Come on, I want your opinions on the matter!

I had a griefer yesterday in Slayer who drove the hog around in circles at the spawn to betray and stop us using the hog. Unlucky for him, I just naded the hog first time out and when he flipped it I was already pressing to jump in and drive. Rinse, repeat each time he tried it. He got tired of me taking the proverbial out of him and left half way through.

After that I just set him as an avoided player and reported him as per the TOS on LIVE for tampering> cheating> using known exploits to influence the game result.