Seriously 343, what do you have against vertical menus for Customization?

Like I thought we established a few decades ago that if you have a LOT of things you need to display - such as with say…player customization…that you use a vertical display because it has much more room to display things as well as being easier to read and track.

Horizontal displays are great for if you only have a few items or if something else is taking up space in such a way you can’t use a vertical list.

But Infinite doesn’t have that issue. Neither did MCC or Halo 5. YET YOU STILL INSIST ON THE HORIZONTAL DISPLAY. WHY?!

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343 Clearly designed this game always thinking for controllers user (nothing wrong in this btw it is their choice, the port is good tho). You just need to see the key blinding for PC… is a mess!

I use controllers for games whenever I can, so I haven’t noticed many problems with the UI navigation, but I’d also like to have vertical menus for customization or an option for it.
I’m okay with the horizontal menu, but right now it sort of blocks the character view, and I just don’t like horizontal menus that much.

Also, from what I have used of the mouse and keyboard, it’s sort of weird that right-click doesn’t seem to do much if anything in the menus.
Shouldn’t it be an alternative to the “back” key?