Serious plea to 343 regarding Xp, Boosters and Progression in general

Time based XP boosts, be it bought from shop or given through premium Season Pass, directly contradicts with the nature of the supposed “Permanent” Season Pass 343 has proposed.

Progression XP poor aside, having boosts which are timed is straight up scummy. 343, you are trying to break away from the gaming norms by giving us a permanent Season Pass, do not fall into the same scummy money grabbing tactics like the other games.

The main reason why other games have Progression boosters is because their Season Pass are time limited, which is another sort of tactic to force players to shell out more money than they have to.

You already have us paying for Premium Season Pass for more exclusive rewards, so do not implement this disgusting method of money making where you give us trickle XP and then nudge us to buy XP boosters to hasten our progress. This is all disregarding the fact your challenge system needs serious work at the moment of course.

Hear me 343:
If you absolutely must have an option for players who want to “buy out” their Season Pass, then leave Tier Skips in, but please do not punish the general population with poor XP Progress and dangle Double XP boosts infront of our noses like this.

With that being said, going forward, I hope that the Progression system improves and we see less of these Boosters in Premium Season Pass, a Pass we BOUGHT.


I do have some suggestions.

  1. Make 15th of every month Double XP. Halo was released on the 15th after all. For the day, XP rewards are doubled.

  2. Sell “Challenge Packs” instead of Xp Boosters. Challenge packs give a set of challenges which give huge amount of XP upon completion as well as a Challenge Cosmetic. People want to earn cosmetics? This one is for them.