Serious or Funny (Machinima)

Which one do you like better? I’m trying to come up with a Machinima and kind of having trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, if I could make a suggestion … audio production needs to be a priority. Please don’t use the headset mic for the vocal audio. Use a condenser mic, especially if you do the voices later … I mean, if you’re making it across LIVE, with others, then nevermind.
If you have to use the headset mic, no screaming directly into it. I immediately stop every Machinima I see the second I hear that.

What we need though is something the caliber of Arby 'n the Chief. Don’t rip it off, be original, but there needs to be something as clever (maybe a little vulgar.)

The bad thing about me is, I’m a very serious person. Like, its difficult to actually make me laugh. Thus, me being so serious it causes me to be serious when creating things such as a Machinima. I just don’t know if people would like to see serious Machinima’s because there’s so many already.

Go with what you can do best.
A mix of seriousness with a bit of humor is nice … one thing (of many) that Machinima’s often lack is subtlety. Don’t be so blatant with jokes. Dry is always better.
Since there are so many out there, try to make yours stand out. My advice would be as long as it’s well written, well performed, and well produced–regardless if it’s serious or not–people will come back. Who determines what “well done” even is? You do. If it’s opinion based, make sure it’s up to your own standards, no less.
Be professional and make an impression.
And do not, under any circumstances, make people sit through a 4 minute long, over stylized introduction with the cliche dubstep and whatever your “production company’s” logo is flashing around for ages every episode. That’s just a gimmick used by people to make you associate their “brand name” with flashy visuals and loud music so you conclude with “Quality”. Those openings are always followed by garbage.
Show people your show is good by having a good show. Don’t put a crappy toy in a pretty package.
I use to run a recording studio, write a lot of music, and occasionally make videos, so I do have some experience (especially with learning what people don’t like). Don’t pander to them. Make it for yourself.

I prefer serious. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good comedy, but for mahinima, it can be very hard to pull off in an original way. And by “original”, i mean something that isn’t heavily inspired by Red vs Blue. I think it should be noted that most comedic machinimas out there are based off of red vs blue’s basic idea. Have a group of individuals, often soldiers, who are not very good fighters, that seem to be “stuck” at a certaint outpost or area.

Amongst the characters in such machinimas, you will often find that the creator has tried to create similar characters to the RvB crew. The most commonly “copied” character is caboose. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen machinimas with a character that is obviously meant to act like caboose.

My point is, good comedy machinima can take A LOT of creative thinking to pull off, which is why I prefer writing serious.