Serious Hunt the Signal members wanted

I’m looking for some people to join my team. It is a private group so if you’d like to join I’ll have to personally invite you. This is a serious team and communication will be daily within the group. It is necessary to have Skype for maximum communication. If you’d like to join, send me a message. If you’re willing to live up to the standards, feel free to request to join.

I don’t yet have an account on Skype, but may be willing to consider it. If you still have open spots in a few days, hit me up.

I would love to join this. I also use Skype while on Xbox Live because party chats are unreliable and I have a better microphone through my computer.

GT: Zeruca

hey man hit me up i am in skype is good and xbox also. My name is Sparki116 just invite me and we can go soleve this -Yoink-

I would love to join am setting up Skype on my laptop invite me my gamer tag on xbox is lonewolf x196x and I’m new to this. But I have played halo my entire life almost.

Still looking.
Must have:
Skype in phone
smart phone(obviously)