Serious hosting issue

This game, for some odd reason, loves to pick me as a host when I know for a fact my connection isn’t the greatest. I have most of my family on the same time which can cause lag issues, especially since hurricane sandy hit my area my connection has been sluggish. I have played multiple matches so far today where only I am able to play, yet everyone’s body spawned, leaving me able to kill them. This only happens when the game makes me host. Anyone have any advice on how to keep myself from being selected as a host? I don’t want to be banned because 343 can’t get their -Yoink- together.

Bump. Has anyone seen this? I can’t even play anymore.

I never get host, but on my brother’s Slim xbox with my same account I get it every game. Weird thing is I’ve played about the same amount of games on both, so you’d think it would either give me host on both, or neither.

I don’t feel I have that great a connection either though.