serious halo4 wargamers only, please.

due to current friends lack of interest in halo these days, i need to branch out and meet new halo players. dedicated halo players who spend the majority of their time on xbl in halo4 war games matchmaking. no spartanops no campaign… only wargames matchmaking faithful need apply. to paint a clear picture let me start and finish by stating that i have banked nearly 10 full days of actual wargames match time. i have not played the campaign … i i am extremely experienced i have over 26000 kills with a steady kd of 1.39 but i often go 2to1 , 3to1 etc. i am a legit halo3 level 50 5star. i understand the game very well. i am not looking to join a clan nor am i looking to start one … i am simply looking to replace the majority of mg friendslist who do not share an interest in halo anymore with a fresh roster of elite gamers who eat sleep and -Yoink- the franchise and play hard to win and have fun … if this sounds like you then i advise you to conact me asap -mj fame