Serious Halo Players Only (Read)

When I turn on halo and get ready to search a game, I can only think of one thing…I hope I get a good team.

Which of course, never happens!
Halo 5 is a few months away and I am interested in starting up a team to participate in online tournaments and future halo 5 tournaments.

I am 24 turning 25. I have a full time job and go to school part time. I get it that most people can’t invest a lot of time in a video game.

That is…if you get paid to do so

So why not me? why not you? why not start up a team? We are young, life is short, let’s become one of the best teams in halo and get $$$ in the process.

I am looking for 3 people in the halo community that have the SAME mindset. Of course you MUST be skilled, very vocal during games and be dedicated for the team.

If anybody is interested and meet those requirements, I advise you to add me on xbl >>>>> gamertag is Skillamanjaroh
I’ll keep checking this forum just in case…

Until than, take care!


Hey OP,

You might want to also post this in the recruiting forum as well.

I posted it EVERYWHERE.

I’m serious about finding people.

Because Halo will never make you get good money. Dude, Halo is long gone and Halo 5 won’t be bringing it back.
You’re better off going a completely different direction and a building a Twitch following. That also won’t happen playing ANYHING Halo based.

I don’t care what people say, Halo is dead and will remain so.

The current MCC tournaments maxed out with a lower number of people on a single twitch stream then one guy on LOL does daily. The recent LCS qualifiers between all regions had over 2 Million twitch viewers. The last MCC maxed out at 35,000.

You’re better off finding locals in your area and maybe playing in local fun tournaments. You have NO IDEA, how good top players are. If you cannot carry yourself to a 50 solo in this, then there is no reason to bother. I’ve been and completed on the competitive side of gaming since Unreal Tournament days and I’ve played or judged in every Halo game to date. My local team ran over teams within a few hours drive but I also learned when i went up against the best “I WAS OUT OF MY LEAGUE”

Practice doesn’t make you better, it gets you to a point. Top players simply have a substantial higher point. You are better off tinkering around and building yourself a better future. I’m 30 and game for fun now but I work in computer automation. Every year that passes, the people doing nothing to better themselves will fall farther behind. I just helped a company drop their labor force by 40%.

thanks for your life story but my post didn’t ask for these type of responses.
If you are interested add me, if not, don’t reply.

Knowledge is power. boom!

Just thought I’d share something after reading Emag’s post. That’s your experience and that’s cool but let me share a little, unorganized story.

My brother and I used to be halo 2 junkies when it was going strong. We played all the time, it was bad. We used to have a friend that we would play with frequently but not in any serious matchmaking games because we didn’t feel he was good enough. To put it in perspective, my bro and I would have probably beat him 20x in a row each, Unless something unbelievable happened. Then for whatever reason, my bro and I decided to stop playing right before the release of Halo 3. Well, lo and behold, our friend wound up going pro. The same one that we didn’t play serious matchmaking with. Not only did he go pro, he went on to play with some of the best players in the world for years. He even placed 2nd with Classic at MLG Orlando in 2009 and with Triggers Down at MLG D.C. In 2010 losing only to Ogre 2’s team, Final Boss. He was on teams with countless other pros also; Mikwen, Heinz, Chig, Hysteria, Neighbor, Ace, ElamiteWarrior, Arkanum, Royal 2, Walshy, Ninja, Coby, Sargoth, Defy, Naded, Strongside, Ghostayame, Soldier187, Karma and Gandhi.

The players name I’m talking about is BestMan.

There is no cookie cutter to going pro. I believe If the right opportunity or situation presents itself, almost any truly dedicated halo player can make it if he stays grinding on the quest to make a name for himself.

GT: Monster Props add me bro. I could be a good fit for a team