Serious game glitch?

So, recently I loaded up Halo, as normal and I go to the main menu and the “Welcome to Reach Spartan” Screen pops up. I click male, and it goes back to the main menu. I see my Rank is now recruit, but when I check the experience bar in the level was at hero, next legend. My armour is all there, I can see everything but I cant equip it. I try to fix it, and I go into a custom for a few minutes and end it. My rank progresses through all of the ranks. I have to watch as the experience bar goes all the way up back to hero. Fun times. I re-equip my armour, and play a few matches in matchmaking, then a friend wants me to help him with legendary campaign. He asks me to load up the level, and when I go to campaign, I can’t load any levels, not even Noble Actual. I tell him he needs to host it, we play through the mission, and now I have all the missions up to that point beaten. I check my achievements. 0G, I’m thinking: What the hell? I check them, and all the ones I’ve earned are there but my xbox thinks I have 0G.

TL;DR: My Gamerscore is gone, I have the achievements still, I was reset but my rank is back but I had to watch the cR bar go up.

Any of you have this problem? How to fix?

Have you tried recovering your gamertag on your console?

> Have you tried recovering your gamertag on your console?

This will fix the problem, your profile seems to have corrupted, not loading all the things it should have, delete your profile from your hard drive (JUST the PROFILE, NOT Profile & ITEMS) and recover it.


> Have you tried recovering your gamertag on your console?

If he Tried using the same gamertag on another console shouldn’t he get an error stating that it already exists? If not, well that’s honestly much more of a security threat than an annoyance.

Same happened to me. Lost my rank and game history but NOT the achievements.

Rank, Credits, Commendations etc came back but Campaign history didn’t.

Net result: I got to re-play the campaign in Legendary :slight_smile: Good think I love the campaign in Reach :slight_smile:

it is possible that your hD has crapped the bed. I experienced the same problems. Bought a new hD and everything went back to normal.