Serious delay in game

I swear everytime 343 tweak this game it gets worse. I’ve tried and tested my set up. XBSX and WiFi are all fine. There is a delay and I cant help but think desync has to do with it. I go to jump nope I have to hit the A button again. Go to sprint you guessed it have to click in again. When will this game be playable?


Desync is definitely a prominent issue with this game that 343 HAS NOT addressed because I don’t think they know how to fix it at all just like BTB. You should see how bad that Sprint delay is on PC and how many times I have to hit shift to sprint. I have noticed after jumps and other things sprint is delayed which is annoying, I also complained highly about the delay on Halo 4 regarding the sprint, which is why I have to say Reach’s is still my favorite and that’s sad to say because of how it’s an AA and the button mapping is dung.

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I’ve heard of that if you dont slide or chamber that you suffer less with desync.

How messed up is this game.
Hated halo 4 and how they tried to balance sprint. When you got shot it slowed you down.

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that’s because almost every update has been on the “server side” which means the game files on our XB or PC have different lines of code than the servers and that’s most likely the major cause of all of the desync and hit registration

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It’s getting worse. I picked up a Skewer and spotted someone standing still. When I picked it up it hit the trigger three times and nothing!!! I just looked at him through the scope.

Don’t know what they did with the patch but it’s worse now. Glad BTB is working but what’s the point if I have to hit every button 3 times to do what I wany to do

good lord wtf have 343 done to halo

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I dont know but one thing that 343 have made a name for themselves is that the most simplest thing and they find a way to make it not work or completely wrong. Not even in BTB I’ve tried every gametype and the games are horrible. My set up is completely fine.

They need to work on servers and desync big time