"Serious" Casual's feedback, so far


First of all, I want to say well done to 343. Halo Infinite captures the essence of Halo while also delivering a modern-feeling sandbox arena shooter. Nice work!

I want to voice my feedback on a small list of things that sticks out to me as annoyances. I think 343’s time and experience with MCC and Microsoft’s investment into game development has really paid off so far, so I’m hoping Infinite continues to improve in every way.

I’ve broken it up into things we all know needs doing, things that keep me up at night, and things that I would love to see added.

“We’re awake” feedback:

  1. Stability - Game crashes a lot, for a lot of people, on PC. And whenever you disconnect from a game, re-joining is impossible.

  2. Weapon tuning - Shotgun isn’t good enough in CQC, pistol is too good in CQC, AR is a little too forgiving. Etc etc. Most things are great, they just need subtle adjustments.

  3. Cheaters - A way to report them in-game would be great. Even better if we get updates on those reports.

  4. Monetisation - it’s egregious. Stuff that’s from older Halo games shouldn’t be on the store. Battle pass is fine, but not the store. And the prices for low-effort art like solid recolours is a joke. I will splash out £10 for a cool armour effect, £20 on an amazing original armour style and skin, heck even £40-50 for everything this year that you make for the game. But I’m not paying £10 for “grey”. And the battle pass is mostly filler.

“It’s a nightmare” feedback:

  1. AI difficulty in PvP - Your AI is pretty good. Well made in fact. Especially on Spartan difficulty. Except in PvP it’s not that good and feeds kills in Slayer games after it replaces a disconnected teammate. Either raise its “difficulty” or get rid of it. Spartan difficulty is a fun challenge, but the weaker AI which you replace disconnected players with, isn’t fun to play with or against.

  2. Collision between players - Everything, including grenades, collide with players. However, the ability to pass through friend and foe is contributing to some weird situations that don’t feel good at all. Like tossing a grenade as a teammate walks through. Or you’re shooting someone, and their teammate runs through them and absorbs the attack. Could be a new meta, but I think it takes away from the sandbox a bit. Is it disabled to prevent Spartan-stacking to get to hard-to-reach places? Or for mechanical reasons?

  3. Melee attacks - They seem unreliable. Perhaps related to the lack of player collision. Sometimes you lunge a bit, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you trade, sometimes you don’t. Etc. Perhaps I’m going insane, but I’m not the only one that notices the unreliability of melee attacks.

“I’m dreaming” feedback:

  1. Socialisation - One of the best things old Halo did was preserve the team after the match ended. If you liked playing with them, it auto-queued you with them into the next mach. Parties (now fireteams) were preserved throughout, but it was a great way to make friends. A system like that in Infinite would be ace.

  2. Backend Systems - Is Waypoint stats coming back? I loved seeing match history, lifetime K/D, W/L, etc in Halo. Same goes for file sharing, screenshots, clips, etc.

  3. Maps and Modes - I think it’s a solid line-up so far, but some 5v5 would be great, as well as more classic line-ups like “FFA”, “Infection”, “Social Objective” and “Social Slayer” for non-ranked. Then “Lone Wolf”, “SWAT”, “Team Objective” and “Team Slayer” for ranked. I’m not saying to DO this, but so far we have “Social”, Ranked", and “Big Team”. I know it’s only beta, and you likely wanna do your own thing with events like Fracture behaving like Action Sack from Halo 3, but I do think Halo 3/Reach nailed matchmaking playlists.

  4. Match Voting - I love the playlists with lots of map-mode variety, but if you let people spend 10 seconds on voting for a map or mode, you’ll help stem the complaints about Stockpile while still being able to keep it in rotation. On that note, HALO REACH nailed the progression system and matchmaking system. Worth taking note.

Anyway, game looks and plays great for the most part, With some more spit and polish I’m sure it’ll last a long time. Can’t wait for the campaign and I’m sure you’ll come up with some good steps forward with the multiplayer.



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A fix to aim assist and hit registration would be wonderful too.

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