Serious Aim Issue (Heavy Reticle)

So if you haven’t heard of the heavy reticle issue, it makes the game unplayable at times. Basically it feels like your aim is slightly delayed and your sens/acc has lowered without you touching it. It’s a very annoying issue.

For me, this issue is affecting me greatly. I have talked to my other friends who play halo 5 and they say they have experienced this issue rarely but usually goes away after a couple games. For me, I rarely get a game where this isn’t a problem. Some games it worse than others and it tends to be at its worst in custom games. Most custom games are unplayable for me so I just avoid it. I recently got back in to Halo 5 after a two month break because it seemed that the issue had fixed itself. I was really enjoying just simply playing arena because my aim felt so smooth and pure and my gameplay was at it’s best. A few days later, we were back to normal. Keep in mind this issue has been occuring since launch for me and was at it’s worst a couple months after launch and really came to my attention. This bug is extremely frustrating and I won’t find myself playing Halo 5 a lot anymore if I can’t find a fix or atleast answers. I even remember 343 saying they fixed this issue twice. The first time they said very vaguely that they fixed an issue with the aim and the second time they specifically addressed the well known “heavy reticle” bug. After the second fix it was extremely smooth and pure and back to how the game should be. Overall this issue is extremely frustrating and doesn’t happen to me on any other games. I’m getting desparate almost a year later trying to look for an answer because I just want to enjoy playing Halo 5 and actually hit my shots. Any fixes or answer as to why this is happening would be tremendously appreciated, thanks.