Series X performance mode-stuttering fix

For some reason the VRR on the series X w halo infinite running in performance mode can get messed up. I booted up infinite and it was kinda choppy.

I’ve never had this problem before tonight and had to search it, but for anyone who has sudden stuttering for some reason, turn VRR off in the Xbox settings and it will be completely fixed.

Was driving me insane for about an hour. What’s weirder is that you can observe it in game. Then turn it back on, then resume game and it’s still fine. Not sure if it’s an infinite problem or an Xbox problem.


Thanks man. I was losing my damn mind. I tried turning vrr off on my tv but it didn’t work.

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I’m seeing this issue now. I tried going to 1080 @ 120fps and it’s still there. Driving me crazy. I don’t have VRR support.