Series X Halo 2 anniversary campaign: Massive performance degradation after the latest update

On Series X when using remastered graphics, frame rates are dropping well below 60fps on a near constant basis.

I have only tested the first level, Cairo Station, but the downgrade to performance is clear as day.

I am in alpha skip ahead and i’m running the latest OS update, so not sure if that is the issue.

Anyone on Series X seeing the same issue?


Not on Series X but I also noticed a massive performance hit on PC but that was in H2A MP

Its not cause of latest update as it has been like that for a couple of years. I posted a thread about it in nov 2020.

I’m aware of the performance issues in H2A that were introduced when Reach was added. Frame rate stability was massively compromised, especially on XB1X.

These issues persisted over to the Series X, although they were far less prominent.

The new update has introduced more problems (at least on my system).

I was playing the CAIRO STATION level just 4 days ago and framerate was fine, but today, this stage is now plagued with near constant frame drops…

Other stages i’ve tested actually perform as they did before, but now you can encounter moments where the game will freeze for seconds at a time before either resuming or crashing.

I bought a series x and I’m getting similar issues… Cannot be the hardware when games when a hell of a lot going on graphically are working fine… Shouldn’t even remotely be an issue… Any update on this?