Series-S need 120 FPS mode

The reason SERIES-S is selling well is because MICROSOFT promised that MULTIPLAYER games like fornite, overwatch, gears, paladins, Halo, CoD warzone and apex would run at 1080p / 120 FPS.

Sorry but GEARS 5, CoD warzone have MUCH better graphics than HALO-INFINITE and have modes for 120HZ.

People who buy SERIES-S are COMPETITIVE players, they don’t care about “EYE-CANDY-GRAPHICS” otherwise they would have bought a Series-X or a PS5 to play AAAs / Offline Campaign

The series-s GPU is equivalent to an NVIDIA 1060 6GB version and that GPU in the “secondary” computer is giving me 90-110 FPS in “Medium” so the S-SERIES is capable of achieving those FPS as well.

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I bought a Series S because it was cheaper and was the only new console in stock since Scalpers don’t care for it as much. I also have a monitor that says my FPS and I’m always at 120.

Sadly the monitor is only telling you the “Refresh-rate” is not a FPS-Counter

Quality mode is 1080/30 FPS
Performance mode is 1080/ 60 FPS

But like i said my second computar have a ryzen 5 = 6/12 cpu, 16 gb ram and 1060 nvidia 6gb version is giving me 90-110 FPS on medium and some settings in low. So the SERIES-S can totally archieve something very close of 120 FPS

Id be happy with 1080p 60fps if I were you guys lmao… The series S is literally 299$. Thats not even enough money to pay for the GPU in the Series X alone.

Please don’t leave some crazy response based on emotion. The facts are the facts.

If there weren’t any game running at 120 FPS in SERIES-S. No one would say anything but

But the games that I mentioned above already have 1080p / 120 FPS modes so it is possible and I repeat my secondary machine is giving me 90-110 fps with hw very similar to those of the SERIES-S

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the series s can play warzone and battlefield at 120fps, the facts are the facts.

it even played the first halo flight in 120fps without any drops, you can see the youtube reviews showing it too, I don’t know why they decided to remove it from the series s, maybe it didn’t perform as well in hectic situations in BTB so they just canned it completely? I don’t know, but it worked great for 4v4

Enjoy playing at 720p then lmao idk what else to tell you. its only 299$. Lower your expectations for low end hardware in 2022.

what the hell are you talking about? if you knew anything you would know the console can comfortably do 1080 120hz and in some games even 1440 120hz

it was 1080p 120hz in the first flight and other more demanding games can do the same the only reason i can think of as to why they removed the option is to try and get more sales on the Series X

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Lower your expectations for low end hardware in 2022. Its only 299$. End of story.

Facts dont care about your opinions bud

Exactly. That’s literally what I’m saying. Get a better system. It’s 2022, a 299$ little box won’t do the job.

Competitive players dont care about Graphics. That is why they bought the SERIES-S cuz they just want play CoD- Warzone, apex, fornite, gears at 120 FPS.

If they truly wanted “Single player games” they probably will buy a PS5 digital on 399 or just a series-x. I have a good gaming pc and i play at 1600x900 on resolution at 237 FPS / 240hz monitor on medium/low cuz i want just win

No competitive players are using the Series S lmfaooo… we all use controller on PC.

PC > Console any day, ESPECIALLY the cheap, underpowered 299$ series S

If you are truly “competitive” you’d realize that: number one- 120fps isnt even that high in 2022, and number two- the series S is horribly underpowered. Get a PC or the series X

Also, you do NOT have a good PC if you have to lower all graphics to low/medium AND play on 1600x900 LMAO. I have a 9700k and a 3070 (not even the most powerful PC) and I get a capped 165fps at ALL times in this game at medium high graphics 1080p.

To play on PC and I’m talking about an “Entry level gaming computer”

One ryzen 5 = 6/12 2000 series CPU / 100 USD
Ram 16GB = 2800mhz minimum / 50 USD
SSD = 1 tera / $ 75
GPU = nvidia gforce 1070 "Used / 250 USD
Gaming PC case / 50 USD
Gold PIN power supply / 50 USD

This computer is priced at $ 575 and is a “Competitive” computer for 1080p / 120 FPS on “Medium” and 1440p / 60 FPS “High”.

The SERIES-S is worth 299 dollars and I repeat it to you overwatch, CoD-Warzone, Gears 5, Apex all have their 1080p / 120HZ mode so players prefer that console to compete

FYI a 575$ PC is low tier… Mine is 1900$ and is just barely considered high tier. (My PC destroys Series S in its sleep lmao also the Series X)

I mean the fact you said you had a good PC but you have a ryzen 5, 2800mhz ram, and a 1070 is laughable bro

Finally I play on a 240HZ monitor and after 144hz “The performance you get is very little”

60hz → 144hz the difference is “HUGE” and worth the upgrade
144hz → 240hz / 360hz “You get dimising results” if you put someone to play on a 144hz vs 240hz monitor “It is almost impossible to know which 144hz is”

I regret having bought the 240hz monitor. With that money I could have bought a better GPU and stayed on my 165hz primary / 144hz secondary monitor.

So 120hz is more than enough to compete with any pc gamer at 144hz, 165hz and even 240hz

That is not my computer, I just “build a pc” for you with the prices I have seen in e-bay, “mercado libre”, facebook market and amazon price.

It is an Entry-Level gaming PC so it costs 600 and I repeat it, it can without any problem with Gears 5, overwatch, paladins, Halo-infinite, CoD-Warzone, fornite and apex at 1080p / 120 FPS in “Medium”.

If you buy your computer already “pre-assembled” from the factory it is much more expensive and with the inflation of the GPUS since 2020 the Nvidia 3000 series are too expensive.


Here a video the dude is running 1080p ULTRA. with that hw

my Config will be 1080p/120 FPS medium “Not ultra” and 1440p/60 FPS “High” not ultra