SERIES S 120 FPS 480p?

When I heard they were going to bring back 120fps in series S I bought my own series S yesterday. Set up everything etc Im playing with 144hz screen. What a disappointing surprise… I can even see my spartan ! It looks like 360- to 480p on the spartan. The HUD still 1080 lol- I thought if I get back on 60 it would instantly show better textures but nah… I uninstalled /reinstalled and still…. Am I the only one struggling with a blurry game for 120 fps since yesterday ?

Resolution is really poor and is dynamic for 120fps on Series S.

I’d say not worth it for most people. Always do your research if it’s the driving motivator for a purchase.

Series S will probably struggle doing 120fps well on any game due to the hardware. Got to sacrifice something to achieve it.

I play with AOC G2790VXA and It seems like its enough to reach 120fps + A friend who plays with Xbox series S told me there isnt pixelised or/& blurry textures. He said dynamic 1080 which is not my case. Im pretty sure this is a bug from 343 and I hope they will fix it

Even on PC, the resolution is very taxing. I know generally that resolution is taxing but Halo is in a whole different category.

I realized it is acceptable ingame. I noticed the bad textures are only on the main lobby and customization lobby but when I start a game it looks okay

Something they do with their rendering setup really ratchets up the GPU strain as resolution increases, so in order to 120 they have to drop res hard and rely on TAA upscaling, which is blurrier than native usually.

While rendering intensity increasing with resolution is generally applicable to most games, it’s really intense with Infinite. I really wonder if they’re doing some intense GI calculations on a per-pixel basis. Closest thing I’ve seen to Infinite’s resolution intensity is Gears 5 on PC with SSGI set to 32 rays per pixel.

If you have a 144 screen then correct me if im wrong, but id imagine its 4k. Series S seems like a poor impulsive purchase. You should try and return it and wait for a series x to become available. Youll be seeing them in stores sooner than you think. I scored one last week in store. Just play dumb when you return it and say you thought the s was the x. You might even get lucky and they tell you that they have one online and will ship it to the store

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Looks like they’re aware of the issue and investigating:

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Iv’e got series s and recently got tv that has 120hz port, haven’t actually tried 120fps yet, been happy with 60fps generally as I know 120fps reduces resolution.

As long as they are looking into it, I’ll hold off trying it out until it’s fixed :slight_smile:

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i got a used series s and i’m happy with it. 1080p gaming is still good enough imo. i play on a 43" tv and it looks fine. i only got it for future splitscreen play. since i can’t do it on pc. i also have infinite on steam which i play most of the time.

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