September Update

Overall, good stuff. Two quick thiughts:

  1. I’m disappointed that the new maps are made in Forge. Soon, we’ll have a plethora or Forge maps. This seems lazy on 343’s part

  2. As far as progression goes, why not just drop a zero from the earned score and give a 100 point bonus for winning? If I win a game and score 2500 points, why not make it 250 points instead, plus a 100 point bonus for winning and have that apply to the Battle Pass? Also, have those points (ideally retroactively) also go toward an overall Spartan Rank, a la Halo 5 but with military ranks instead of the 1 - 152 system. Do away with challenges completely. They can come back in the form of Firefight challenges at some future date.

Just my two cents.