Seperating the boot button from insta respawn

Today I played a bunch of Ricochet games on my brothers account using split screen.
We were booted 3 times, not because we were betraying on purpose but accidentally because we tried to stop the enemy from reaching our goal and our team mate had the worst possible time to jump in front.

We got confused as we were winning and me, my brother and his friend were making the most points, so we saw no reason why 1 betrayal enrages a team mate that much he must boot 3/4 of his team.

After some messages it turns out it was so hard hammered in their head to press X on death they accidentally booted us, saying they had no intention to do so and one of them thought we just left the game.

So, would it be possible to get separate buttons for Halo 5 to avoid the situation of accidentally booting someone while it was an accident?

This should definitely happen. IMO booting someone should be taken with near the same seriousness of launching a torpedo. You should guard against misfires, say by holding two buttons simulataneously, because they will ruin someone’s day.

While it’s not a bad idea, I’d rather 343 just do away with instant respawn. If a ranked/social split were to reappear your idea would be perfect as things like instant respawn can work in social playlists.