Seperate Leveling System for Firfight

I really didnt like Firefight in HR. It was way too easy!! Also all the people who play limited are horrible until they realize they only have 1 life left. Instead i think 343i should take pointers from Epic games and have an expierence where waves of more and more challenging enemies come at you. You may say “But we do” but what there isnt is a drive to get to the next wave. There need to be something that adds to the wave completing. I say credits and armour. So a whole seperate Armory would be really awsome. It could be completely different than matchmaking. Armour that wouldnt fit in with MM. Yah but im really tired so this might not make sense but what do you think lol

True Waypointer right here, typing till his forehead meets his keyboard.

But it would be interesting to have more incentive to play FF, like you said it needs to get more challenging. Bungie actually nailed FF in ODST pretty well. If we could have the same level of difficulty and team-work I’ve seen in ODST then it would be A-mazingly fun.