Separate Objectives and Slayer mode!

Salyer and Objectives are two modes totally different. We shouldn’t be forced to play one of them but directly choose between two playlist. A lot of people don’t have the time to play many games and wait to find one they would finnaly enjoy. Until they are separated, there will always be people to leave the game at the beginning.

In Halo MCC, the match composer aload to choose between salyer and objectives mode. Even without a match composer, it’s totally possible to create one playlist for Salyer and one for Objectives.
In “BTP”, each game mode have the same chance to appear, but in 4V4, “Quick game” have half chance to fall on slayer whereas there are already a Salyer playlist ! If there is a slayer playlist in 4V4, it need an objective one !

What do you think ?

  • I want Slayer and Objectives to be separate
  • I don’t care to separate Slayer and Objectives

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I am so so so sick of going in to quickplay/btb only to get five slayer games and one objective that i don’t need for challenges and getting so frustrated I quit for the night. They already made team slayer and fiesta slayer and ffa slayer playlists!!! why is there still slayer in the quickplay?

my entire kingdom for a match composer


Before Infinite I only played Slayer.

But now I’m actually enjoying objective games. Especially oddball.

Surprisingly it’s CTF that I’m finding the most frustrating - but I think that’s only because that’s the game that most relies on team communication. And as you reach your ranking plateau this is the game you’ll start to loose in.

Too many time in Halo I select a playlist and hope to don’t fall on some gamemode, it’s not normal.
If I want to play in assassin, I go to fiesta, otherwise, I never play when I’m forced !