Separate Multiplayer Remake?

Apologies if it belongs in the CE Forum.

Since Halo: Combat Evolved won’t likely be remade twice, should its multiplayer component get the Mythic treatment on Xbox One?

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I would buy a remastered Halo: CE multiplayer game in zero heartbeats.

I say that because my heart would skip a beat when I saw it and would purchase it in the same instant.

343 should do this to preserve Halo’s longevity. Assuming we don’t have a saga of prequels taking place during the ancient empires.

Now hear me out, I think the developers of Custom Edition should work with 343. Since we need people who can manage the starting point of an unmatched legacy AND get it properly done on a much newer console.

Would be nice to be able to have all the Halo CE multiplier maps as dlc for anniversary. They don’t even need to make it work with matchmaking. We can plug x-boxes together to play them like we used to.

I was disappointed it didn’t happen, but the campaign was good enough that the package was acceptable in my eyes. I just miss those Reach placeholders…