Separate Halo 2 Settings from H2A Multiplayer Settings

This has been a problem with MCC ever since it launched in 2014. And it unfortunately got worse when MCC launched on PC. My three main gripes are how control settings, view model settings, and graphic settings for H2C and H2A MP are for some reason linked. You cannot customize them separately. And keep in mind this post strictly refers to the Anniversary Multiplayer, not campaign. H2C and H2A MP are quite literally not the same game from a code level. There’s no real reason why they should be linked.

  • The graphic settings are a big problem for me and likely anyone playing on lower power machines. I occasionally play on my laptop, which could easily handle H2C at max settings, but would struggle with H2A. I don’t think I need to explain why this is annoying.

*Control settings are also linked. H2C and H2A DO NOT play the exact same. There are many differences. I should be able to customize my controls separately since it is a different game with a completely different feel.

*The last thing is Weapon Display Offsets. This one is especially strange. The range for offsets in H2C is generally lower than the other games due to engine limitations. This I can understand. However it makes zero sense for it to apply to H2A. H2A runs in the H4 engine. (343 doesnt even hide this fact, there’s a challenge called ‘Shared DNA’ for these 2 games). So shouldn’t the offset settings be the same (or at least somewhat similar) to H4 instead?

Like I stated at the start, H2A Multiplayer is coded as a completely different game than the Classic Multiplayer. Combining the settings for them is an arbitrary limitation. I’m just surprised this wasn’t addressed sooner.