Separate Event Challenges from the General Season

I love the game, 343, really.

But separate event challenges from the season’s challenges so they can be continuously worked on and not buried with seasonal challenges.

I say this because some of the fun with friends during the Tenrai event was stifled because we’d have to switch out of Fiesta to play game types one of us would need while the other didn’t.

Additionally, this saves time for people who may not have steady time in a week to devote to the event. I may only have a couple free nights to play and want to get the most out of the game and the event.


I’m all for this. It really would help keep the fun going for groups who just want to go after the event challenges. Hopefully it would be an easy fix, but who knows.

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The feeling of General Season Challenges getting in the way of the Event Challenges gets rather bad when you’re someone who’s completed the Battle Pass. While the game is still fun enough for me to keep logging on to complete the Weekly Challenges in order to get the Weekly Reward, how they’re such a block that stands in your way when they provide very little in terms of progression is a bit of a drag, at least when it comes to the Event Challenges.

Weeklies getting the way of the Weekly Ultimate, yeah, sure, fine.

Weeklies getting in the way of the Event Challenges when you may not want to bother with the Weekly Ultimate and are just there for the Event stuff, that’s kind of a problem.

As they made the Winter Contingency stuff separate from the General Season stuff, I’d like to see the rest of the Event Stuff separated as well.

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100% this. Forcing events into weekly challenges isn’t fun and extremely stressful.

Could probably at least dedicate one of the four slots to just be Event Challenges perhaps.

I actually wasted 2 challenge swaps to test and see if I could get an event challenge but nothing. The only reason why I hop onto Infinite now is because of these timed challenges for free cosmetics but 343 somehow made them the most stressful and unfun thing ever.

As someone who usually has at least one Tenrai Event Challenge in the list, it still feels a bit of a slog, especially when one Challenge will be Complete X Number of Fiesta Games only to do that and then have Win X Number of Fiesta Games pop up afterwards.