Sentinel sight glare

I like the sentinel sight but the glare on it is ridiculous. Sometimes it can completely blind you and cost you the kill. This NEEDS to be fixed.

I thought it was just me.

I find this very ironic, because in the patch notes for Infinity’s Armory, it says they increased the brightness of the classic BR sight, most likely to make things more visible when zoomed. In theory, the glare may be an intentional addition to make the Sentinel less effective than a sniper scope. (I believe the max zoom on a Sentinel is the same as the base zoom on the sniper, beam rifle and binary, but correct me if I’m wrong) That way if an equally skilled pair of players were to have a stand-off with a DMR and a sniper rifle, the sniper rifle would always be the better choice, since of the two, it’s supposed to be a tier 2 or 3 power weapon.

I definitely find it annoying too though. If anyone at 343 is watching, we’d appreciate any insight as to whether this is a design choice or an unintentional side effect of lighting.

I believe the glare of the sight is both a design choice and for balancing, and it’s because you’re using an actual sight when using it. Unlike the Smart-Link where that would have with the basic battle rifle, which is digital enhancement, you are lifting a physical long ranged scope to your eye, and with these you do not position your eye directly touching the glasspiece.

So there is always the potential for some glare, this is typically minimized by using non-reflective glass, but it still happens when the glass becomes dusty or scratched, all imperfections catch the light. Many people who own high end optics and are using them outside of a shooting range will have a plastic cover on the glass like a screen cover on your phone.

Like I said before, probably a design choice, to reflect realistically how the scope would behave, and also a balancing choice, because the scope is very good, so they don’t want to make it easy to use. I don’t see many people using them, but the people I do see are usually pretty good with them.