Sentinel Beam has WAY too much recoil

It makes the weapon frustrating to use at short to medium ranges, and almost impossible to work with long range!


The thing doesn’t even have its range it once had before

I have… rather strong opinions about the sentinel beam. Mostly nonconstructive ones, but I’ll contribute by saying that it’s just not very effective at anything.

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Recoil should be massively reduced. It’s not like the Sentinel Beam does a whole lot of damage in this game anyway. I imagine recoil shouldn’t be completely removed, because it’s possible it could be too good at longer ranges without it. Unless 343 wants it to become a power weapon? That could be interesting.

From what I can tell the Sentinel Beam has damage drop off. The farther away the less damage. At close range it seems to beat out the AR.

Yeah it’s so awkward to use here.

Yeah, and its range.
And why the heck this gun “reloads” and is not like plasma weapons that overheat like before.

I don’t know what’s up with the thing’s recoil. So hard to get kills with it on PC.

Thought this as well… until one BTB game where the beam was turned on a Warthog with 3 occupants and it was obliterated rather quickly. It is great anti-vehicular.

yeah, and the tracking hydra excels at anti aircraft, especially Hornets.

its good for quickly disintegrating bodies. i think its a semi decent weapon if you can effectively counter it’s recoil.