Sentinel beam+controller=laughable

Seriously it’s awful, your better off using mouse and keyboard to complete the “get 2 kill with the sentinel beam” challenge

But it makes for some comedic gameplay……it’s so bad

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It can be difficult to get a handle on. Try using it at mid range. It’s hard to use close up, and it’s hard to use at distance because of the “strong” recoil. However, when you stay on target, it kills FAST.

Start by aiming at the crotch or right above it, so that if you have trouble keeping the beam steady, then at least you’re still on target as the beam moves up and then you adjust it back downwards.

Another obvious tactic is to use it against opponents that you’re teammates are already fighting. Your teammates remove the shields and you get the easy disintegration.

And obviously, it’s a lot easier to use on opponents that are moving away or towards you rather than laterally.

I really don’t think two kills is asking too much, and challenges like these encourage players to get more familiar with different parts of the sandbox.

See, I think this challenge is actually a good one because the kill requirement is low (in fact, I think 3-5 would be better, to help you get better at using the weapon), and it’s a common weapon, so it’s not like you will have trouble getting the opportunity to make progress.

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Well, you know what they say… “git gud”.

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Indeed lol

The learning curve with the sentinel beam is a steep one lol

I felt like a complete potato

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The Sentinel Beam is stronger than the Quake 3 Lightning gun… it’s just not very good outside of medium close range because it requires precise tracking and has heavy recoil… so people who try to lazy aim with it are gonna have a bad time…

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That only gun that’s better on a controller over a mouse is the BR.

Until you come across one of those “script kiddies” aka a cheater (I’ve come across 1 in ranked and nowhere else)

Back on topic:

The way I completed the challenge is I join up with a friend and he would help lower the shield of i player and I would blast away with the sentinel beam.

Seriously tho, I wish I video captured all my gameplay with the sentinel beam cause 90% of it could have been meme after meme…….

Sentinel.exe takes some getting used to lol

I haven’t had any issues with it on controller

OP here, the point of this post is to not claim there is an “issue” it’s to claim that for somebody who never uses the sentinel beam, my first time using it was for this challenge and my experience with it was laughable as I went full potato and couldn’t figure it out.

Seriously I spent a lot of time laughing at myself.

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I think we can all relate to that lol. What really helps though is shooting it while crouching, that pretty much nullifies the recoil (as with most weapons).

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The Sentinel Beam is fantastic against unshielded or nearly-unshielded opponents. If you light into them with another weapon and then switch, it’ll lock into a kill pretty fast.

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