Sent out, not with a bang, but with a whimper

Sadly, I now have to leave Halo. But not because I feel 343 has been a bad dev, I in fact liked Halo 4 (it was a bit meh at the beginning, but they have been getting better). No, it is in-fact because my 360 just died today. I could go and get a new one, but with the Xbox One out on Friday, I don’t know. If only it was backwards compatible. Well, since I can’t play my 360 games, I guess I am stuck waiting. Either I wait for Halo 5 next year, or a miracle happens.

Ah, that stinks. :frowning:

I hope we will see you on the virtual battlefield in the near future. Trust me, Halo 5 is definitely going to be worth the wait. :slight_smile:

What he said. Stay in contact Spartan nods head

Went into thread expecting a crybaby, good to be wrong for once. The xbox thing sucks bro. Happened to me once. You sure it isnt still under warranty?

Was it a regular or Elite? Do you smoke indoors around it?

Everybody knows, spartans never die, they are missing in action.

But sorry to hear of what happened to the console, any idea how it died, like a specific red ring error, or does it not turn on any more?

It can also be too hot for extended periods of time if not alot of airflow is present IE if the cabinet or whatever it sits in is closed off for the most part, heat stress.