Senseless banhammers

i have been banned twice today for abosolutely nothing at all.

ok i used to quit a lot on halo 3, and i was quitting when i first got this game until i got banned for 8 hours. i have quit the odd game since like the ones where everyone leaves instantly.

now today i have finished games and it just bans me for absolutlely nothing at all, twice, first time was 20 mins second time i turned it off.

just a heads up 343, if this terrible system isnt fixed i will not be playing halo again, and after halo 4 then this poor piece of crap i doubt i will ever buy amother halo game ever in my life. well done its not easy to destroy loyalty but you managed it.

Your ban isn’t for nothing, your ban is for quitting matches. There are 10 DNF matches on your service record over the last 7 days, the 2 from today will have hit a trigger causing your ban. The system builds a case up against your gamer tag each time you quit, betray or AFK, so the more you do those the higher your chances are of getting banned.

I’d rather you leave the game for good then play with a constant quitter…

You got what you deserve…