Send me your maps!

I’ve been looking for Halo 4 customs, but there don’t seem to be any (I’m probably not trying much). So I’m asking any Halo 4 players to send me your maps, gametypes, and ideas for the both of them, and eventually make and battle on them.

Just to give an example, I’ve had an idea for Halo 4 Flood that’s pretty much normal, with a few minor changes such as, instead of a shotgun, you spawn with an AR and Magnum, with no grenades or AAs. But the Largest change would be that Flood don’t have shields, but they can’t be headshot, which makes the Magnum more of a last resort option.

So if you have any maps or games you want someone to test, add me on Xbox and we could form a group for Halo 4 customs.
My main account is HaloNinja146, but the one I’m currently using is DatingBuffalo16 (Just so you know, Xbox made that name, not me).

(Also, keep in mind I won’t be able to do this at the moment, but around the first few weeks of August I can.)