Send me your gameplay! Get it featured on Pnut's Punchout!

I just restarted my old show, Pnut’s Punchout, and it’s open for business!

Pnut’s Punchout differs from other Halo clip shows on YouTube, as I don’t decide the order of the clips; you do!
I upload two user submitted clips of similar style (e.g. snipes/fails etc), and you, the viewer, vote on the winner.

The names of contestants aren’t displayed until they win (to stop tactical voting, and so people don’t know if you submit to multiple episodes!).

The winner gets their YouTube channel (if they have one) or gamertag linked.

I’m accepting submissions RIGHT NOW, so send me your best stuff!

I’ll accept ANY type of clip

To submit, simply send an email to with the subject “Pnut’s Punchout Submission” (it helps me file the submissions), and include:
Your gamertag / YouTube channel;
A link to the clip through your fileshare;
A short description of the clip.**
Here are the first three episodes of the series:
Ep 1 - Pro Pipin’
Ep 2 - Team Killing
Ep 3 - Snippies
By the way, my channel has over 1000 subscribers and I’m a Machinima partner =]
Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to seeing your submissions!