Send Halo 3 Out With a REAL Bang!

I’m sure it’s safe to assume that ALL support for Halo 3 will stop with the discontinuing of the requiring of the Vidmasters to unlock Recon armor.


Well, to unlock Recon armor, not only did you need the Vidmaster Achievements unlocked, but you needed to press a certain “button” on a website that was directly connected to the Halo 3 servers (or some gateway that had a direct connection to the servers) and unlocked the armor on the said account. With 343i saying that the button will not be moved to the new hub for Halo, we can all assume that they will no longer host such functionality as the Road to Recon button.

In fact, is there any confirmation that they will even decide to being all those stat features here to Halo Waypoint? Will we see every single thing we saw on, every little detail and feature, here on some new area of the website?

Let’s get things straight here. This is a 5-year-old game we’re talking about. No game studio in their right mind would give such a game this much support and attention. To them, it’s wasted time and resources. It’s only a very, very small matter of time until 343i decides to cut all support for Halo 3. Halo 3 would basically be permanently exerted from their line of support in their studio.

That all being said, Halo 3 needs to go out with a bang, a bang that would give Halo 3 its final goodbye, and its persistent players something to enjoy for the future.

Let’s line things up just to demonstrate what exactly I’m talking about…

One, there needs to be one final playlists update. Playlists need to be examined for things like population, and 343i needs to make some decisions on what to cut (and things do need to be cut). Another important thing is that no playlist (unless Team Mythic is kept) should require the non-free map packs. Certain playlists should be map pack free, and the majority of playlists should be free map pack-only. In addition, every playlist should be double experience. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, it would only encourage people to play and get their ranks up twice as fast. (Note: This excerpt had something completely different until I read up on a thread regarding making every thread double experience.)

Two, the Bungie chest should be available to all players just like Recon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, this is the most important thing in this thread. If any admin is reading this thread, I want you to know that this is your last chance to do this. Would it really be logical to leave this disc-locked item permanently locked from every player even after all support is cut? I’m counting on you guys to make this decision. Please, please, from every member of the Halo 3 community… do this!!!

Three, advertise the April 7th re-population of Halo 3 in your update, and other means if possible. This is more of a community request. It’s depressing being in a game that you remember was populated with tens of thousands per playlist, and now less than a hundred people are playing in one playlist at one time. If people saw a reason to return to Halo 3, they would.

These three very simple requests would bring tears to every past Halo 3 player that gets feelings of nostalgia from the memories. And for you guys, it would truly prove that you listen and care for what the community says.

Please tell me what you guys think. Thank you.

Edit: I changed half of my first proposal section.