Semi-Competetive to Casual Gamers

Hey guys if you’re looking for a team of gamers to play with as a team & win (since that is the only way to rank up in Arena) & we also like to have fun. So it’s not all seriousness, but on the other hand when it does come down to winning we are a team and want to do what it takes to win. We will have matches against each other in Customs. I want to step up my skills & that’s all. If we feel good enough we will compete in team beyonds new ladder for competition. The people i have got recently are fairly new so we’re just a group of new friends getting to know each other still and joining in right now would be a great time so we can see the pro’s & con’s of our gaming. I will be on at launch!

Here is my company & feel free to request to join. We will go from there! Thanks
Fireteam Apex