Selling war zone requisitions

Why isn’t there just a sell all option for individual weapons and vehicle and all. its a pain to have to spam x and b just to sell 60 mongooses that i am not gonna use. i play war zone every now and then but definitely not enough to all 60 mongooses or 100 ghosts, id rather have req points

May I kindly recommend the Sell REQs extension for Google Chrome?

We pretty much have all asked that question at some point while playing halo 5. But i dont know why…


It would be great if we had a slightly better req selling system as it takes few hours to sell all the reqs you wish if you have a decent amount of them.

In addition to that, I’m truly surprised that this feature isn’t programmed to the website directly instead of being forced to use it as a web extension.

i feel like the actual return value of most reqs isnt even worth selling them. you only get phaeton in about 1/5 to 1/10 gold packs but they sell for a measly 200 pnts. why???