Selling us the same coating with different names is NOT the way

what can I say it’s true they are milking all they can.


[Selling us the same coating with different names is NOT the way]

I think they have been communicating with Bungie so expect a lot more of this in the future, because when it comes to duplicates Bungie has literally gone way overboard with that in Destiny 2.

343 whether we accept this or not will only make slight adjustments to make things appear they are improving things. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business and they are doing this because they know a good portion of the player base will “throw money at the screen”.

(They are playing off the naive players of gaming these days, and there is a hell of a lot of them that will make this company millions just off the shop.) This is what gaming is teaching Kids/Teens these days, that spending money on cosmetics is your “content” while creating a few duplicates but replacing the name so it’s called a “new item”. The thing is most will buy without even paying attention to what actually took place…

The generation today is so naive that Activision Blizzard made $1.2 billion in 2021.

Now let’s add all the mobile games, the so-call “F2P” games that sell expansions, seasons, etc… that have a shop. Why make a decent leveling/racking system when these naive people will buy anything we throw at them? That is what gaming has become today.

I know most know this but the limitations are in place so you spend more money. If I can buy whatever and use it on whatever like some transmog systems I’m less likely to buy more, and they know this so the limitations will most likely stay in place no matter how many posts are created.

So, overall, you can thank the parents that don’t know how to raise their kids for why companies take advantage of their player base these days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting all the blame on the player base, but the player base is actually more of the problem.

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This system was made to take your money for very little in return. They think your dumb. They expect you to not pay attention and just blindly without thinking throw money at them. Hey your a Halo fan right? You’ll worship us.

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It’s more profitable to sell you the same coating twice than to give you one coating for all cores, if I recall correctly the Waypoint app currently has a bug that shows it’s possible to transfer armor permutations and coatings from one core to another with ease.

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No it took them exactly a infinite amount of time to unlock a helmet because there was no free players. Excluding a few free weekends.

But I agree, anyone who buys the campaign should get a full armor-core worth of stuff to unlock with just xp like every other game. People will still buy the battle pass for unique cores.

At least Bungie lets you slap that Shader on armour and weapons, and lets you apply it to a specific part of your Gueardian.

What 343 has done is basically say that your Guardian has to be entirely one Shader, you can’t apply them to weapons, and now Shaders are class specific, so a Hunter Shader wouldn’t work on a Warlock.

Also, if you buy an armour bundle form D2, you can mix and match its components to your hearts content. 343 charges you about the same price for a HCS kit that you can’t modify in the slightest.

I wouldn’t say our parents are the problem. Yes in some cases, but I think its something much larger at play, linked with the same kind of addictive effects of social media. Once upon a time we played games for fun. Now we can barely go a 10 minute match without needing that gratification dopamine hit of being rewarded for our time. Look a t how much society has changed in the last 2 decades and how much that has influenced our Movies, TV, etc. It’s kind of daft to think that gaming habits and behaviors would remain static.
Sadly, we let this happen to ourselves.

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This system works solely for COD. At least not for Armor and Vehicles. With weapons, it’s not too bad but I feel like this could be an easy fix by having the Coatings shared between the cores and vehicles.

i could say the same thing about the game as a whole.
Its literally halo 5. Gameplay is exactly the same aside from the thruster being a map pickup.

I was thouroughly pissed when I found out that the orange/black armor coating, including a pitch black visor color, was restricted to the MK7 armor. Meanwhile, my favourite helmet (EVA) is stuck on the MKV armor so I can’t even use the armor coating that cost me an arm and a leg, on my favorite helmet. Wtf 343? I’m not buying anything anymore until you get rid of those damn cores. We want to customise, not grind (and DEFINITELY not buy) the same damn color three times over.