Selling Certifications

Over the course of my time playing warzone I have noticed gotten both good certifications and bad ones. I was thinking it would be cool that once you get a certain number of certifications they allow you get rid of them; so if you have a mongoose and plasma pistol certification, you can just remove it, so the certifications for things you like such as ultra banshees and scorpions have a better chance of appearing in req packs. After a while, once you have so certifications, it’d be a since you had none, since everything has a higher chance of appearing, which would create the effect of certifications being useless. By being able to get rid of bad certifications, you’ll have more room for good ones, and that seems like it would make the certifications have more value.

Not gonna happen - if you could just blacklist all the not-so-great REQs by selling them or whatever, it’d be easy to game the system.

are you kidding? plasma pistols are one of the best certifications, you can easily take down legendary bosses with them as a few shots will make them hop out of there vehicle or fall to there doom in the case of poor captain Wamik

Like I say they’d limit it, maybe so you can only sell 5-10% of your total, so 1 or 2 for most people, you wouldn’t be able to game the system anymore than someone with luck who got scorpions, wraiths, banshees and mantises for there certifications.