Sell us the Game on an Overpriced Armors?

I’ve never had such white hot indignant rage at a game before.
So much of the armor in trailers you have to pay for? Colours don’t transfer? Then to cap it of the armor you showed for the event you have to buy!?

For the players (Whales) they said.

Unlimited customization (As long as you pay a hefty amount) they said.

You’ve truly done an amazing job on the gameplay and look of infinite, truly worthy of the halo legacy, and I want to buy stuff and support this F2P platform but I can’t support such predatory practices.

Get bent 343


The fact we can’t even customize our colours freely anymore & instead have to hope 343 sell us a colour combo we’ve used for over a decade is just so disappointing.


“it’s f2p”
They are still charging full price for the campaign on top of that.


There’s Many f2p games with so much better pricing and payment models.
Like I’ve spent waay to much money in Warframe over the 5 years and I started buying stuff purely because I felt guilty that I was 200 hours in and hadn’t supported the developers at all.

Halos pricing feels like massive finger