Sell the franchise

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Think it’s time for 343 to throw in the towel and let another company take over the Halo franchise. They are kinda killing it in more ways than one.


I don’t see that happening. What they should do is stop rotating new people to work on the game. The game needs a single vision.


I actually laughed. Good job op


Just imagine them doing this and a company like Electronic Arts takes it over lol. Then they’ll introduce the fans of Halo to their Surprise Mechanics!


i don’t think 343’s able to do so. unless everyone quit (which would be stupid) microsoft will keep with 343

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I think 343 can continue to run infinite and IP well, but it’s time for some more interesting companies to do halo,I would love to play game like ODST again.
Microsoft Completes Bethesda Acquisition.
There are a lot of developers in first-party studios right now who are capable of developing halo.


If this were right after Halo 4 (so about ten years ago) then I would be more inclined to agree with you.

As it stands right now 343i are the best we’ll get. New company would take eons to catch up to 343i technically speaking (343i are far better at working with Halo engine now than they were back in 2012) and no reason at all to believe that a new company would want to uphold Halo traditions.

So like if you want a Halo MMO or a Halo spinoff type game then a new company (with a new vision) would do that, but 343i are the best option we have available unfortunately.

This isn’t CoD where there are like 4 companies working on CoD stuff lol.


Howabout no, 343 is fine. Their marketing team and asset team just need to be influenced more by the community. As with any company, they’re trying to see how much they can get away with. Call them out on it, and things will continue to get better. Haven’t had this good of a Halo game in years and as long as they continue to listen to the fanbase, people’s main concerns like customization/progression/ranking will continue to get better over the next 10 years as planned.


Is this a joke? 343 doesn’t own Halo. Microsoft made 343 to make Halo games.