Sell Multiple Req Items at same time?

Is there any way to sell multiple cards of the same req item at once? Selling 100 Railguns one at a time is a pain in the butt.

There is no official way to do it, but I’ve heard there is a Chrome extension that let’s you do it.
Edit: did a google search, found this.

The best way to sell multiple reqs is through chrome. It’s super easy. The monitor above included the link to do so.

343 really should have implemented a better req system.

if you have Google Chrome, look up Halo 5 req extension tool. It’ll take you to a regular login page, everything will be the same. When you try to sell items, it’ll give you the option to change the qnty instead of just 1 by 1.

Here is the link to the Chrome extension.


Friggen genius! I picked up over 300,000 req points selling mongeese and other useless items. Would NEVER have bothered without this.

there should be option to sell multiple ones in-game too and i hope if there is Update coming in H5g then i hope it could be in it (the split-screen too but that is for another topic).